Paid Media Optimisation

Pay Per Click platforms such as Google AdWords were at one point the only option for high volume, hyper targeted digital advertising. Whilst PPC on AdWords and Bing are still hugely important elements in your paid media strategy, they are no longer the only shows in town.


Creating your paid media strategy

The world of paid media advertising is now a sophisticated and complex one.  The range of options can be overwhelming but a well thought through paid media strategy can transform your business.  The process starts with an analysis of exactly what it is you want to achieve.  Once defined, we can then produce a clear and integrated roadmap, properly costed and with clear targets for each of your goals.

Needs Analysis - Goal Acknowledgement - Strategy Plan - Strategy Implementation

How your paid media strategy fits within your offline strategy (and your earned and owned media strategies) is an equally important consideration.  Integrated marketing is the key to successful and profitable marketing campaigns.

At ProActive Digital we work closely with our colleagues at Pro-Active to integrate digital marketing with offline marketing to ensure that campaigns are synchronised.

Search Based Pay Per Click

Search based PPC advertising on platforms such as Google AdWords and Yahoo/Bing is a great way to reach people who are searching for your products and services. Options like ad scheduling, remarketing, split testing and ROI based bidding all go together to make a well optimised PPC campaign and essential element in your paid media strategy. Lost? Give us a call or outsource your PPC needs to us by contacting us today.

Product Based Pay Per Click

Product based PPC advertising on channels such as Google Shopping have increased significantly in both the functionality available and positive ROI. Google Shopping in particular has become one of the most cost effective ways of selling products online. Setting up and optimising your Google Shopping campaigns can be an arduous and time consuming task. Whilst Bing Product ads are a little way behind the Google equivalent in terms of volume, they still offer great ROI and the market is far less competitive.

Display Based Pay Per Click

The Google display network boasts millions of websites within its network that offer text, image and even video based advertising opportunities. Never before has there been such a large scale, international network of online properties available for digital media optimisers to choose from. Display based advertising on the Google network is quick to implement and features a wide array of geographic and demographic targeting options to maximise your return on advertising spend. If brand awareness is one of your goals, it's hard to see an alternative channel that offers anything like the value for money provided by digital display marketing.

Google Remarketing

Remarketing on the Google network allows you to re-engage with prospects that you know have already connected with your brand because they've already been to your website. Remarketing allows you to segment your audience according to which page on your website they have visited and to create a structured and personalised marketing campaign based on the prospects interests.

Social Media Advertising

Many of the primary social media platforms now offer some form of paid media placement. Facebook offers one of the most sophisticated paid media platforms and offers an impressive range of targeting options. Twitter offers sponsored tweets, promoted trends and promoted accounts whilst LinkedIn now provides some great tools and opportunities particularly for B2B campaigns.

Video Advertising

YouTube is still the world's second largest search engine and in the past 12 months or so, Google has evolved this channel into an impressive marketing tool. Video is an exceptional way to engage and connect with your audience and a video based marketing campaign is now within the reach of all businesses not just those with enormous budgets.

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